Lisa-Maria DiSalvo

Ph.D. at Columbia University

Lisa-Maria DiSalvo | Ph.D. at Columbia University

Hi I’m Lisa.

I am a multidisciplinary researcher currently affiliated with Columbia University, where my research pursuits span a diverse array of domains, encompassing cybersecurity, materials science, textiles, social media dynamics, computational social science, and mobile computing.


As a recipient of the Bridge to Ph.D. Fellowship, I am actively engaged within the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Columbia University. My educational journey commenced at Arcadia University, culminating in a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Computer Science with a complementary minor in Computational Social Science, an accomplishment achieved in May 2023. Furthermore, I am a Hispanic Scholarship Fund alum (2020-2022). Concurrently, I also fulfill the role of a Receptionist @

Notably, I recently embarked on a transformative expedition in conjunction with Arcadia University, venturing to the picturesque landscapes of Indonesia, particularly Bali, to delve into the realm of environmental sustainability practices. This remarkable undertaking witnessed my firsthand involvement in the remediation of polluted mangrove ecosystems and the distribution of over 500 units of sustenance to the underserved populations of Bali.

In recognition of my academic acumen, I was accorded the honor of being designated a 2023 Acoustical Society of America scholar. During this prestigious tenure, I was privileged to immerse myself in the research milieu of the Center for Acoustics Research and Education (CARE) lab, situated in the scenic environs of New Hampshire, under the astute mentorship of Dr. Laura Kloepper. In this capacity, I actively contributed to the integration of R programming within the educational framework, equipping fellow researchers with the requisite tools for proficient data cleansing and filtering techniques tailored to the voluminous corpus of acoustic data.